As Public Opinions Soundstage, our goal is to provide professional service
at an affordable rate without sacrificing quality. Our job is to make a lasting
impression, making your dance the most memorable one.

PUBLIC OPINIONS SOUNDSTAGE has performed at over 1,500 high school stomps, and over 600 other school related dances. Now Public Opinions Soundstage does more than 150 school dances every year. We have the necessary experience and equipment to provide a successful event every time. We have found that the formula for a successful dance is as follows…

SEE: We at Public Opinions Soundstage know that lighting is very important, it sets the stage for any event. Every system we own has a stockpile of professional DJ lights, which we use to transform any room into your own dance club.

HEAR: We know the right kind of music to play, in conjunction with the right amount of “top of the line” speakers, in the right places, that will give a pure and constant stream of sound for a very successful dance.

FEEL: Our Subwoofers were designed by an audio genius (whom we know personally) and the sound industry is still trying to measure up. You will definitely feel the explosive difference in the magnitude of thick rich bass that allows you to enjoy your favorite music at a concert level of enjoyment.





Blackout Stomps: If you have never had one of these dances at your school you need to watch our video… often imitated but never duplicated. Make sure you are getting the Public Opinions Soundstage level of quality. (Just new for this year we have added even more black light, now over a whopping 3000 watts of black light at every dance!!!)

Fox 13 video: Featured as the top High School DJ in the State on Fox 13 Good Day Utah: Watch our interview with Big Buhda about high school proms!

Our Promise: We commit to uphold the standards and guidelines set by administrators, student-body officers, institute counselors, and club presidents. We ensure that the quality of music, sound, lights, and entertainment will meet and surpass expectations. We also strive to provide a clean, safe and fun atmosphere that can be enjoyed and remembered by everyone.

Contact us and find out why there is a difference in DJ service.

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