As Public Opinions Soundstage, our goal is to provide professional service
at an affordable rate without sacrificing quality. Our job is to make a lasting
impression, making your event the most memorable one.

  • Why should I hire you?
    Public Opinions Soundstage is dedicated to making your event a success. We treat clients like we would like to be treated--with respect, integrity, and a genuine interest in your needs. Public Opinions always has two people at your wedding. The emcee and disc jockey are accomplished public speakers, mature, and both have a passion for all types of music. We believe that satisfied clients are our best form of advertising.
  • Do you have references?
    We have many references and testimonies on our past successes; they are only available upon request.
  • Are you reliable?
    We only perform services under a signed contract. This protects the client and the DJ. You can expect us to be punctual and ready to perform at the specified times.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes. We have liability insurance. Our insurance is specifically underwritten for disc jockeys. A copy of our insurance certificate is always available for client review. You shouldn't hire a DJ if they can't provide proof of insurance.
  • How long have you been a DJ?
    Public Opinions Soundstage started in June of 1991.
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
    We use some of the finest equipment in the music industry including Electro Voice, Denon, FBT, Community, QSC, Numark, Gemini, Audio Technica, and Shure (more). We have multiple sound systems, all providing several hundred watts per channel into elevated speakers with an independent subwoofer. Music playback is controlled by a DJ mixer and dual CD player. Customized play lists are created for each client.
  • Do you perform outside of Salt Lake?
    Yes, however, travel fees may apply. Please ask us for a quote.
  • How much of a deposit do you require?
    We require a $100.00 deposit that goes towards the contracted fee. The balance is due before or on the night of performance.
  • What is your refund policy if I have to cancel the booking?
    In the event that you need to cancel your contract with us, your deposit is nonrefundable. However, any other payments made in addition to the deposit will be refunded. Your booking represents a firm commitment to us. We turn away other business for your same date and we can't get that business back on short notice. If Public Opinions Soundstage must cancel your contract, we will either find another suitable disc jockey in our place or refund your deposit.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Presently we are not accepting any credit cards. However, we are looking into participating in this service. We don't own or lease machines to swipe cards locally since this would increase fees that we don't want to pass on to you.
  • Do you accept music requests?
    Yes. Clients and guests are welcome to request music at events.
  • What kind of music do you play?
    The DJ will play any kind of music the client desires, however, he won't play openly offensive music at public events which include school functions. We belong to music subscription services so we can add most requests before your event to our library if necessary.
  • What is your policy regarding music with explicit lyrics?
    We won't knowingly play this kind of music at public events including school functions. If we get requests for these songs, we'll try to find a radio edit or clean version (some artists have a reputation for using explicit lyrics). If we haven't heard the requested song before, we won't play it when requested during an event. We always recommend that clients consider their audience when choosing music. We will make suggestions when desired.
  • What is included in the dance lighting option?
    Dance lighting significantly adds to the DJ atmosphere. This service is included in your hourly rate. Our lighting is supported on portable extension trees. We use a large mirrored ball with spotlights, sound-activated effect lights, chase controlled Par 54 lights, and an American DJ lighting control panel. The DJ controls the lighting based on the music and the mood.

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